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ALIST Magazine is a non-profit quarterly publication dedicated to bringing mainstream attention and interest to Asian American leadership and excellence. As a publication initially envisioned and funded by the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), we strive to share compelling stories of Asian Americans who have succeeded in unique and outstanding ways with an audience of not only Asian Americans, but also anyone who may be interested.
Mending Kids Announces Global Pop Sensation G.E.M as Global Celebrity Ambassador

First Visit to Children’s Orphanage in China already Confirmed & A Percentage of Tour Merchandise from G.E.M’s New World Tour Going to the Charity Mending Kids International, a non-profit organization known for providing life-changing operations in over 63 countries, announced today a... Read more...

ALIST Fall 2016 Issue

  In this issue you will find articles on Chien-Chi Huang of Together Empowering Asian Minds (TEAM), Rachel and Helen Lee of The Indie-Activists, Dr. Tom Ferraro, Hitoshi Tanaka of JINS, Jamie Chung of What The Chung, Maya Thiagarajan of Beyond the Tiger Mom, Elaine Chu of The Purgation ... Read more...