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ALIST  has recruited a variety of voices to provide insight on the definition, experiences, and diversity of the Asian American leader. Our team of columnists will post monthly pieces on their respective areas of interest and expertise. During August, we’re introducing our columnists one-by-one. Check out who we’ve already introduced below, and be sure to subscribe, follow, and like us for updates as we premier the rest of our columns!


Juliet Shen: Student, blogger, political wonk from Albany, NY keeping you updated on everything unraveling in the realm of Asian American politics and more.

Greg Chang: Previously Associate Director at Duke Orthopaedic Surgery, now CEO and Co-founder of his own company.

Jennifer Ho: Professor of Asian American literature, author, and leading Asian American studies scholar exploring the role of Asian Americans as anti-racist allies, for ourselves and others.

Calvin Sun: Member of ECAASU’s Board of Directors, med school student, globe trotter bringing you insights about life as an Asian American leaders in the most unexpected ways.

Debbie Choy Grage: ALIST Managing Editor and Stanford Graduate School of Business alum exploring the role of Asian American women in corporate America

Chuan Tsay

Chuan Tsay: ALIST Executive Editor, entrepreneur, marketing maven examining the role of Asian Americans in today’s marketing and branding campaigns.

Svetlana Kim: international spokesperson, best-selling author, and founder writing about her experiences and accomplishments as an Asian American community advocate.

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Angela Ju
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