2012 Election: Asian American Voters’ Hub

2012 Election: Asian American Voters’ Hub
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There is a big reason why the 2012 election will prove to be a memorable one. Here’s a hint–it has to do with something other than the usual topics of job growth, the ever-impending economic recession, or foreign policy. The political landscape is changing. Asian Americans have been playing an increased role in politics each year. The election this year illustrates that. 30 Asian Americans made shots for Congress this year–more than any other year.  In addition, Asian American voters are expected to turn out in force this year.  As the campaigns kick their efforts into high gear this month, we’ll bring you unbiased news, resources, and commentary from across the nation to make your choice this November a valuable one.

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  • October 11, 2012 (9pm – 10:30pm ET) – Vice Presidential Debate: Foreign and Domestic Policy
  • October 16, 2012 (9pm – 10:30pm ET) – Presidential Debate
  • October 22, 2012 (9pm – 10:30pm ET) – Presidential Debate

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Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are not afraid to use their economic muscle. Despite being half to a third the size of other minority groups, the 2010 consumer and business spending power of Asian Americans was some $1.2 trillion, equal to African Americans and just trailing Latinos.

Asian Americans donated to political campaigns at the highest rate last election, at 13 percent, which equaled political giving from white donors. This was higher than donations from African Americans (8 percent) and Latino Americans (5 percent). Asian Americans so far this cycle have donated at 11 percent.

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