Welcome: From the Editor

Welcome: From the Editor
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The issue of my identity has never been a question for me. It’s been finding the appropriate words to craft an adequate answer as to why I identify the way I do that’s been the true struggle.

I was born in China. I moved to the States at age six. I’ve identified as an Asian American for most of my life. I am proud to be an Asian American.

I love writing, reading, and each ephemeral swirl that emerges as I add cream to my coffee. I’m pursuing a degree in journalism and English. My parents are both medical professionals; my dream job is to, one day, manage public relations for The Gap. When my hair begins turning gray, I want to write a memoir about my life, not because I believe my life will be necessarily interesting enough to become a bestseller, but to pay homage to the struggles of my parents who allowed me to live the life that I do have.

According to mainstream media, these are not the interests I’m supposed to have. This is not the career path that I should be pursuing. And these are precisely the reasons why I am jumped at the opportunity to help launch ALIST. As an English major, my love for literature fuels my passion for the counter-narrative: I believe all Asian Americans have a story, and it is not the story that is perpetuated through mainstream society today. The mission of ALIST to refocus mainstream attention and interest on Asian American success and excellence mirrors my beliefs; I’m living for the day that the concept of an “Asian American leader” will no longer be a mainstream paradox—when Asian Americans are no longer labeled as a “model minority” but are granted the opportunity, respect and consideration to become the viable leaders and professionals they have the potential to be.

ALIST is here to provide this counter-narrative: we are dedicated to highlighting Asian Americans who have achieved success in unique and outstanding ways. In conjunction with the National Association of Asian American Professionals, we support the diversity of Asian American professionals and, more importantly, recognize the need to share their diversity and their stories.

Our inaugural print issue will be released at NAAAP’s annual convention in NYC on Aug. 23, but we can’t strive to be a cutting-edge, forward-thinking publication without providing the digital component.

Here on our site, we’ve gathered an impressive group of contributors whose distinct columns will provide you with various perspectives as to what it means to be an Asian American leader. We have a dedicated team of talented writers who are set to bring you the latest updates on Asian Americans achieving success. We invite you to learn more about our staff, to interact with us, to share with us your own stories and definitions of what it means to be an Asian leader in America.

Help us to redefine Asian American success. Help us exemplify the diverse community that we are. Help us change and add to the mainstream narrative of what it means to be Asian American. Share the stories you read here; share your own story; help us help our community grow and achieve the attention it deserves.

Welcome to ALIST.

About Angela Ju

Angela Ju
Angela is an ALIST founder and currently serves as Managing Editor for ALIST Digital. A recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, Angela now lives and works in NYC. Her many interests include Moleskine notebooks, coffee, correctly used semicolons, and trying to convince anyone who will listen how awesome Atlanta is.