Lucy Liu to be atypical “Watson” in Elementary

Lucy Liu to be atypical “Watson” in Elementary
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A new fall CBS show, Elementaryadds to the recent spate of Sherlock Holmes remakes we’ve been seeing.  But the exciting part?  Lucy Liu stars as Joan Watson, Holmes’ “sober” companion (or, as Holmes calls her, “an addict-sitter”).  A preview of the show, complete with brief commentary from Liu, can be seen on the CBS website.

After all the recent character white-washing (Cloud Atlaswe’re looking at you) it’s thrilling to see CBS take such an innovative leap with Watson. For those mystery fans that are also followers of the British SherlockBenedict Cumberbatch has also commented on Elementary.  “I’d be frightened of the dynamic of male friendship that’d you’d lose…that’s a new thing to explore.  I wish them luck…It will be a different spin…I think the more differences, the better, to be honest.”

Indeed, these new differences are worth looking forward to seeing.

Elementary premieres on Thursday, Sept. 27th 10 PM EST. 

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