About Debbie Grage

Debbie Grage
Debbie is an ALIST founder and Career Section Editor. She holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her past community roles have included serving as CFO of the Asian Society at the Stanford GSB, and as a board member with the Association of Women MBA (SF). Debbie is also founder of the MenMuu Leadership Institute and specializes in helping professionals who want to manage their careers proactively. Her career blog can be found at www.MenMuu.com.
Are You An Ideal Worker?

1953: Mark comes home from work, and his daughter runs to greet him. His wife has already put a home-cooked dinner on the table. 2013: Martha comes home from work. Since it’s already past her child’s bedtime, she tip-toes into her sleeping daughter’s room to quietly kiss her on the forehead... Read more...

Does face time matter?

The recent “Work From Home” ban at Yahoo! has sparked much debate in my circle of friends. Going beyond the initial uproar, it turns out that the ban is primarily targeted at several hundred remote employees, who work from home most of the time. You can read the internal memo here and decide for... Read more...