Debbie Choy Grage: Women At Work

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Introducing Debbie Choy Grage: Women At Work

I am not sure what saddens me more – the statistics for women leaders in the US, or the statistics for Asian Americans in Corporate America. In Fortune 500 companies today, there are only 12 female CEOs – comprising 2.4% of this elite group. In Fortune 500 board rooms, only 16.1% of the board seats are occupied by female directors.

The numbers for Asian Americans in Corporate America are no less abysmal. Although the recent Pew Report cited the breathtaking growth of the Asian population in the US, they forgot to point out that out of over 18 million Asian Americans, only 9 of them are CEOs in Fortune 500 companies. Although representing almost 6% of the US population, only 2.1% of Fortune 500 board seats are being held by Asian Americans.

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