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Introducing Evoke: A Marketing & Branding Blog

Chuan Tsay

Photo by Anna Phommavong for ALIST Magazine

The word evoke comes from the Latin term evoko, which means to call out, evoking thoughts, emotions, and memories from the mind.  While surely a strong word, the intention of evoking or conjuring things to conscious thought can be a wonderful thing. Teachers and education evoke world-changing ideas. Photos and other imagery can evoke memories and dreams from across the world.  And communication–whether vocal, visual, or tactile-can evoke myriad emotions.

This is a marketing and branding column about exactly those things–evoking thoughts and emotions about brands through a multitude of channels. Whether we like it or not, brands play a huge part in our daily lives. From the moment we wake up and check branded content through our branded apps on our branded phones to the moment we put our contacts into our favorite brand of solution after some late-night talk show and turn off our branded televisions with the branded universal remote from our cable providers, our lives are influenced by a huge compilation of marketing strategies. Even the status updates we post and the likes and retweets we chase follow the same formula. (more…)

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