Tony Hsieh sees future of men’s underwear

Tony Hsieh sees future of men’s underwear
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Wondering what Tony Hsieh, the iconic founder of Zappos and happiness deliverer, has been up to after announcing his high profile plans for Las Vegas? Wonder no more. According to TechCrunch, Hsieh is backing Flint and Tinder, an underwear startup that made a splash with Kickstarter. But not only is he just leading a round of seed investors, Hsieh lured Flint and Tinder from Brookyln to his new Las Vegas Downtown Project.

Wondering what the Downtown Project is? Hsieh is revitalizing Las Vegas. That includes moving all of Zappos to the city and creating “the most community-focused large city in the world.” It’s a project that Hsieh says he wants to finish before sitting down with ALIST for a one-on-one. Sounds like he’s got his hands full.

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