Help “Wedding Palace” reach a theater near you

Help “Wedding Palace” reach a theater near you
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Called “the Korean-American My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” Wedding Palace is an indie trailblazer – it’s the first US-Korean co-produced independent film.  Shot on location in Los Angeles and Seoul, this rom-com is about ancient curses, finding love, wacky well-meaning family members, and of course, the wedding that brings it all together.

The cast is pretty star-studded: Brian Tee (The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift), Hye-Jung Kang (Oldboy), Bobby Lee (Animal Practice), Joy Osmanski (True Jackson, VP), and Margaret Cho (awesome comedian) are all in it.  It’s also won multiple awards, including Best Feature Film and Best Cinematography from the Cine Gear Film Series Competition.

Watch the trailer here.  Then help this spunky movie out, even if it’s just $2.  Every little bit helps, and they’ve got until December 12th, so don’t delay!


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