John Cho breaking trends as series regular in NBC’s “Go On”

John Cho breaking trends as series regular in NBC’s “Go On”
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John Cho

John Cho in a 2008 photo by Charlie Nguyen

John Cho has been promoted from being a guest star to a series regular on Go On.

Go On, which premiered last month, is an NBC series starring Matthew Perry as a charming sphincter who actually has a big heart (deep, deep inside).  Yes, exactly like Mr. Sunshine and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  In Go On, Perry’s character, Ryan King, is having some trouble dealing with grief after the death of his wife.  Cho plays Steven, King’s boss, the one who mandates Perry go into therapy before he can return to his job.  The pilot can be seen here.

Recently, I was discussing John Cho with another actor friend (who also happens to be Asian) and we talked about how Cho has been regarded as an actor who happens to be Asian, and not just “an Asian actor.”  Since his breakout role in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Cho has consistently landed roles that didn’t have to go to an actor of Asian descent.  Also important to note is that Cho plays an authoritative figure.  His character is the boss of Matthew Perry’s character.

Cho has been on TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, and FlashFoward.  He’s even shown a good sense of humor when his race has been the topic of a misunderstanding – when IMDB listed him as the one being in the The Green Hornet instead of Jay Chou, he tweeted: “ I am beginning to suspect that I am not in the Green Hornet movie.”  He was Sulu in the 2009 Star Trek.  Recently, he was in the Total Recall remake as the “McClane” character, which was a white role in the original movie.

The next episode of “Go On” airs on September 11, 8 PM CST.

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