Who is Arthur Chu? A Documentary Film Seeks Funding.

Who is Arthur Chu? A Documentary Film Seeks Funding.

Yu Gu and Scott Drucker are the creative team behind the Arthur Chu documentary, the “Asian-American Champion,” of Jeopardy and they are seeking funding through their Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Link:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/876040404/who-is-arthurchu

Through Arthur, they hope to give viewers a different, more intimate portrayal of the game show. They are exploring themes such as: the nature of viral celebrity in the modern world, ethnicity and new media, and the American Dream. The film will also examine the link Arthur has made between his success on Jeopardy! as an outspoken Asian-American champion and the immediate backlash he received as a result. They have access to film in the Jeopardy studio and interviews lined up with notable figures such as Ken Jennings (pending approval). They are a very small team going up against (working with) this giant in Jeopardy and could use all the help we could get. Many people would love to hear about Arthur’s story and thus they are hoping you can help their fundraising campaign. 

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