Winnie Chan, MAYLAN Skincare

Winnie Chan, MAYLAN Skincare

Winnie’s story: from escaping from China to running a cosmetic company, how she got to where she is today.

Winnie Chan

The small package arrived at the door of my house the other day.  It was from Winnie Chan, Founder of MAYLAN skincare. I was just finishing editing the article I was working on but I was more curious to find out more about MAYLAN skincare. My first job in the US was with Macy’s West selling cosmetics. I am a sucker for a good makeup or skincare (of course, I couldn’t live without a good book).  I was hired to be a sales associate for Lancome cosmetics at Macy’s West in San Francisco working only thirteen hours a week. I was thrilled because Lancome was one of the most popular brands in Russia and it was nearly impossible to get a job at the boutique store back then. I went back my office to send an e-mail to Winnie to thank her for sending me samples of her products, all of which are made handmade meticulously with love, passion, and quality to achieve superior results.

When I interviewed Winnie Chan over the phone, I asked her how her skincare line is different from other major skincare companies. Winnie responded with such enthusiasm, “I have super sensitive skin. My husband Henry formulated the cream for my personal use. I’ve been using the cream for last twenty years. I like to say to my clients that it is like food for your skin. I don’t have any wrinkles. You have to try my products. My desire is to build a company that values relationships.”

Winnie’s philosophy is simple and yet inspiring. She believes and treats every single client like a family member. She values the longstanding traditions of her family and advance modern technology, merging science and art together. The message is clear: Winnie loves helping others and make a difference in somebody’s life.

In fact, MAYLAN skincare is committed donating a minimum of $1 for every purchase. They support The International Justice Mission (IJM), Nomi Network, and Charity: Water. Every dollar you spend is a dollar toward a better world, planet, and its people. What could be better?! Looking more beautiful and making a world a better place.

Winnie Chan was born in China at the end of the World War II. As soon as she was born, the civil war started in China. Her family escaped to Hong Kong in 1949. Winnie was about four or five. When they arrived in Hong Kong, her parents had no place to stay and no jobs.

“I was too young to remember, but I knew we were poor. My mother taught us the value of life and that money is not the whole matter of our lives. Your character is much more important.”

Winnie arrived in NYC almost 40 years ago. Her education continued at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She worked as a designer in NYC. Winnie told me, “Our stories are similar in some ways. Just like you, I had no friends or family when I first arrived in NYC. I was about your age. It was not easy, but I have learned to my navigate personal and professional life. I’ve been blessed to be given insight into my life. Many people ask me to share some of my life lessons.”

Despite the ups and down, Winnie’s passion and drive lead her to a very successful life: meaningful, fulfilling, happy, inspiring, and full of joy!

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