ALIST Magazine Spring 2016 Issue

ALIST Magazine Spring 2016 Issue

Happy 2016!


In this issue you will find articles on Bangladesh Women, learn how Andrew Ly and his brothers started the Sugar Bowl Bakery, hear about Bo Thao-Urabe who is the Commissioner, Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, read about NAAAP Spotlight on Panney Wei, NAAAP Senior Advisory Council and Ben Hum, NAAAP Toronto President, see what Video Games you can play, get ‘Wrecked’ with Asif Ali and Ally Maki, get an inside look at beauty pageants with Ashley Park, Miss Asia USA 2016 and master the skills to be a photographer and an actor with Michael Levy.  

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ALIST Magazine is a non-profit quarterly publication dedicated to bringing mainstream attention and interest to Asian American leadership and excellence. As a publication initially envisioned and funded by the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), we strive to share compelling stories of Asian Americans who have succeeded in unique and outstanding ways with an audience of not only Asian Americans, but also anyone who may be interested.