Prudential Research: Asian American Financial Experience

Prudential Research: Asian American Financial Experience

Prudential Study Finds Asian Americans Financial Experience Most Influenced by Family   

On August 25th, ALIST Magazine was invited to a media briefing to learn about Prudential Financial’s released findings from one of the largest-ever surveys of the financial experience and behaviors among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. 

Among the report’s highlights: 
·        The Asian American financial experience is influenced in almost every aspect by the importance of family 
·        There are notable differences between various Asian American subgroups surveyed (e.g., Chinese Americans, Filipino Americans, Indian Americans) in areas such as levels of income, types of debt and ownership of financial products 
·        While Asian Americans surveyed plan to retire more than a year earlier compared to the national average, 69% respondents view themselves as not well prepared to make financial decisions and very little actually consult financial professionals


Photo Courtesy of Vladimir Gitt, Prudential Financial

We joined other media to review the findings of the Prudential study, and heard more insights from a panel discussion moderated by Betty Liu, Anchor, Bloomberg Television.  The panelists included:
·        Sri Reddy, Senior Vice President, Prudential Retirement 
·        Hurong Lu, Financial Advisor, Prudential Advisors 
·        Smriti Sinha, Vice President, Prudential Individual Life Insurance 

Please click on this link for the the summary of the report: Prudential Asian American Financial Experience

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