Jennifer Ho: Dispatches from Asian America

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Dispatches: Patsy Mink, Political Pioneer

Are you a woman who played sports in high school or college in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s or who went to college or graduate school in the 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s? Are you a female college student or do you know someone who is a female college student or female athlete?  If so, then there’s a woman you should be thanking for the passage of Title IX.  While most people have probably heard of Title IX and think of its main application in terms of providing equal access for girls and women in high school and college sports, many people may not know that (1) Title IX was actually proposed with the idea of equality of education for women and covers 10 areas, including equality in sports (2) The principal architect and sponsor of this bill — a bill that was subsequently renamed in 2002 to honor this congressperson’s achievements, is Patsy Mink. (more…)

Dispatches: Asian Americans on T.V. or Why I Still Love "Flower Drum Song"

I was recently interviewed for my thoughts on the DNC convention and whether the lack of Asian Americans on the main stage and the seeming lack of attention paid to Asian Americans by either political party would result in low voter turnout.  Would the lack of representation, in other words, of Asian Americans (be it at either convention or in the larger media) affect their going to the polls this November? (more…)

Dispatches: Being Asian American & Being an Asian in America

On first glance I know it seems that the title of my latest post is redundant—that being Asian American and being an Asian in America are one and the same.

But are they?

What does it mean to be “Asian American” and what does it mean to be an “Asian” in “America”? (more…)

Introducing Jennifer Ho: Dispatches from Asian America

Hello everyone!

I’m very pleased to be writing this inaugural post for the inaugural launching of ALIST.  I’ve been asked by the ALIST editors to introduce myself to you (the reader) and to also describe a bit about what this column will focus on.  So here goes. (more…)

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Jennifer Ho
I am an Associate Professor of English at UNC Chapel Hill, where I teach classes on Asian American literature and culture. I blog at Mixed Race America (, and if I could pick any superpower it would have to be flight. Definitely flight. Also, that's my dog Bruno with me in the photo--a corgi-sheltie mix who is the BEST dog in the world!