Jake Shimabukuro’s Life on Four Strings out on DVD

Jake Shimabukuro’s Life on Four Strings out on DVD

Growing up in Hawaii, one of the instruments that every child learns to play in school is the ukulele. I was one of those children and recently picked it up again. To most, the ukulele is seen as a toy and associate it with “Tiny Bubbles” and traditional Hawaiian music. However, if you’ve been living under a rock than you have no idea what the ukulele is capable of–but Jake Shimabukuro has been changing the world’s perception of this Hawaiian instrument for years and has gained a loyal following.

This local boy’s musical journey has been captured on film by Tad Nakamura, blending live performances with personal interviews and behind-the-scenes footage to create an extremely heartfelt and captivating documentary. For those unwilling to go out and buy it, Life on Four Strings is also available on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

Watch the trailer, and prepare to be amazed.

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