Joy Bender

Joy Bender

In 2012, Joy Bender was notably selected to be a member of Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate, an international compendium of the world’s finest residential firms and real estate agents in more than 100 countries who collectively sell in excess of $190 billion of real estate annually with an average sale price of $2,450,000.

Joy is also a member of the International Real Estate Federation – US Chapter (FIABCI-USA), which connects both in-bound and out-bound cross border transactions and concierge services. There are members in more than 50 countries and holds Regional and National Congresses throughout the year. FIABCI also enjoys Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Joy’s real estate articles have been published nationwide in over 358 newspapers, online news services, and magazines — most notably the Wall Street Journal Marketwatch, The Boston Globe, nationwide Business Journals, Reuters, The San Francisco Chronicle, CNBC, and The Houston Chronicle. Additionally she has been interviewed on the local FOX 5 San Diego TV station regarding the San Diego Real Estate Market. Joy has helped over 1,000 clients in the past 12 years with their real estate needs. Joy’s sales volume exceeds the top 1% out of 54,000 Prudential real estate agents nationwide earning her the prestigious Platinum Chairman’s Circle Award.

SK: Joy, thank you very much for sharing your time and success story with our readers.  I love real inspirational stories of real photopeople. You’re one of the top luxury real estate agent in San Diego. How did you begin building your career in luxury real estate?

JB: Although in real estate for over 12 years, I relocated to southern California a year and a half ago, and just began selling high-end real estate in San Diego in 2012 without knowing a single person. Our team earned into the Prudential Platinum Chairman’s Circle our first year.

SK: What is your business strategy?

JB: Traditional successful real estate businesses are built by referral only. Without a personal network in San Diego, I knew that the only way I could begin selling million dollar homes was to create an internet lead generation machine.  It took over $100,000 in investment to build this foundation.

SK: What is your definition of success? You are living an American Dream. What’s your ultimate goal in life?

JB: I define success by the euphoria of personal accomplishment once my goals are obtained.  I also have 3 young children and it’s important to me to create something that they can inherit and be a part of one day.

SK: What do you like the most about your job?

JB: The most exhilarating part of my job is working with some of the most successful and influential people both domestically and internationally.  I learn a lot from their success and find the relationships that ensue personally fulfilling.

SK: Do you remember your first sale?

JB: Absolutely, a real estate agent’s first sale builds confidence, market knowledge, and creates initial momentum to future success.

SK: Recently you asked BRAVO reality TV Star Mauricio Umansky from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” to co-list a high end listing in La Jolla, CA.  What were your strategic reasons for doing so?

JB: The property in La Jolla is very architecturally significant and will most likely appeal to an international buyer.  No one in California real estate has a stronger international network than The Agency in Beverly Hills, and no other real estate agent in the United States has sold more homes priced over $20M than Mauricio.

SK: You were adopted when you were three-month-old. As you said, “I spent my      childhood living in terror, alone, and fear.” You were mentally and physically abused by your adoptive mother. Despite all the odds, you are extremely successful. What does it take?

JB: There were many years of physical isolation as a young child.  During this time I dreamed of freedom, and envisioned a future of happiness.  Those experiences gave me the drive and motivation necessary to be successful in real estate sales.

SK: You reunited with your family in Seoul last fall after so many years. Your mother    must be proud of you and happy to meet you. Did you know what you wanted to ask her?

JB: The reunification was very unexpected after so many years.  I found out that I was the only one out of five siblings given away.  This dynamic is very painful and initially I wanted to know “why me?”

SK: What’s your favorite motto?

JB: Early on in my career I heard sales trainer Brian Tracy tell a story about a life insurance agent that was consistently making sales calls on an oil tycoon.  The oil tycoon asked the insurance agent, “When will you stop calling on me? I am not interested in purchasing your life insurance policy.”  The insurance salesman answered “When one of us dies.”  Ultimately the oil tycoon purchased a $1M life insurance policy.

SK: What inspires you?

JB: I am inspired by learning about other people’s lives, their story.

SK: What’s next for Joy?

JB: My goal is to dominate the ultra luxury real estate market, which are defined as homes priced over $10M.  I just got a pocket listing for $30M.

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