Together Empowering Asian Minds (TEAM)

Together Empowering Asian Minds (TEAM)

Together Empowering Asian Minds (TEAM) receives $100K from

the Hope & Grace Fund to launch a National Public Awareness Campaign

Boston, MA. July 15, 2016. Together Empowering Asian Minds (TEAM) is pleased to announce the launch of a National Public Awareness campaign on Asian mental health in fall 2016, with $100,000 received from the hope & grace initiative by Philosophy.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Asian American women aged 15-24 have the second highest suicide rate in the nation. They are affected by intercultural and intergenerational pressures in which depression, anxiety, PTSD, and thoughts of suicide arise associated with domestic violence, mental condition symptoms, body image, sexism, and racism.

“Our goal is to ignite the peer recovery movement on campus, laying the foundation for long-lasting partnerships to reduce stigma, and removing barriers through tech-based and in-person support,” said Deborah Delman, Executive Director of Transformation Center, lead agency for this project. With a website, open call for public services announcements, and targeted outreach events, this innovative campaign will reach 150,000 people and engage Asian women with culturally responsive messages and resources.

For more information about TEAM and ways to get involved, please contact Chien-Chi Huang, the project manager and Executive Director of Asian Women for Health at or call (617) 767-1071.


TEAM is a peer-led, Massachusetts-based coalition formed in 2010 to address urgent and unique mental health challenges faced by Asian American women and their loved ones. TEAM will leverage the powerful network of its local*, regional (East Coast Asian American Students Union) and national partners (National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association) to revolutionize how young Asian American women receive, process and use mental health information and services.

*Lead partner Saheli and others including: WGBHCambridge Health AllianceBoston Asian American Film & Video Festivalthe Breaking Silences ProjectJB LineASPIRECity Awake, NAPAWF BostonQAPAGund KwokSoutheast Asian CoalitionAsian American Resource WorkshopNepali Women’s Global NetworkFamilies for Depression AwarenessAAWPINAMIATASK, Asian Boston Media GroupCommonwealth Research Center

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